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Laser Cut Creations

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Our Background

RustyCat Productions is founded on the principle of creating affordable gaming terrain and accessories that are both sturdy and portable. Lasercut from high density MDF, each piece is designed so that they can be assembled without glue and quickly disassembled into compact, flat packs for easy storage. The buildings are also designed with utility in mind. They can be stacked one on top of the other to create highly interactive 3D landscapes and feature removable roofs and large doors for ease of play. 

Currently, all buildings are designed to fit the 9.2 centimeter grid for Dust 1947 but they can easily be used off the grid as well which means they are compatible with a number of other 28-32mm tabletop miniatures games that are played gridless like Warmachine, Bolt Action, Infinity, Crisis Protocol and Warhammer. We are also looking at resizing many of our designs so that they can be used for other games like Dungeons and Dragons and Heroclix, which are played on smaller grids, and also create hex based terrain for use in games like Battletech.

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Have questions about our products? We would love to answer them for you!

Have you perused our online store but don’t see exactly what you need? RustyCat Productions is always ready to tackle the next challenge! Send us the specs for your custom project and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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